About us

The Hairagami Company was born in September of 1999 when Barbara Carey debuted her first hair accessory, the Hairagami®, on the QVC television network. The accessory generated immediate success and overwhelming demand after the first 10-minute show aired, and the business that started with just one woman quickly grew into a dedicated team of professionals focused on fulfilling consumer’s needs and building customer awareness of the Hairagami company’s ever-expanding line of products.

The Hairagami’s® inspiration lies in the Japanese art of origami. Barbara applied the concept of folding paper to hair and invented a tool that can create an infinite number of styles easily and cost-effectively. After the success of the Hairagami®, Barbara began inventing other products that could help women of all ages create salon hairstyles in the convenience of their own home. Her easy-to-use styling tools create fashionable looks for any occasion, and have both redefined the hair accessory industry and pushed the boundaries of what women can do with just a styling tool and a little bit of imagination.